Wedding dance


Your first dance together… Let us make it unforgettable to You, also to your friends and family!

Your first dance together should be memorable and magical, it’s our goal to help you both shine on the dance floor.  The Danza Studio’ coaches will help put you at ease and show you how to dance with poise and grace. As you take your first steps as husband and wife on the dance floor we want you to enjoy every moment in each others arms!

We will teach you how to enter and exit onto the floor and choreograph something fun to your up beat entrance  music. We make sure you can dance together without looking stiff or counting. The Dance Skills you will learn will last a life time! Parents are encouraged to take a few private dance lessons in preparation for the Parent Dances!

Private Dance Lessons

  • We Customize the Private Lessons to meet your individual needs. Learn at the pace you feel comfortable.
  • Design a fully choreographed dance that suits your dream wedding dance and of course a few killer moves that will impress your friends & family!
  •  A flawless finish that all your guest will remember!
  • We provide Music Editing and ideas for first song choices

The dance skills you will learn will not only exceed your expectations but will keep you dancing for years to come!

Private lesson: 8.000 HUF/60 min/couple

More information: +36303352235