SALSATION® Workshop and Masterclass

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SALSATION® Two events will find place at this amazing location.

SALSATION® Workshop and SALSATION® Masterclass:

The carefully designed 3 hour SALSATION® Choreography Workshop will allow you to:

-The Salsation Equation that teaches you a methodology that enables you to make what once seemed complex, easy.
– Rediscover musicality and learn to feel the music
– Understand in more details the SALSATION® program
– Receive special insight into various choreographies (how they have been created and why)
– Learn new variations of the basic steps
– Improve the quality of your movements
– Discover Functional Training

SALSATION® Workshops and Masterclasses are open to everyone! Whether you are an experienced instructor/dancer or have no experience at all, these workshops and Masterclasses are catered to every level! 

Danza Táncstúdió – Árpád út 73, Budapest, 1042 Hungary

Date: 25 Feb 2018
Check-in: 13:30
Start time: 14:00
End time: 20:00

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

I look forward to seeing you! 

Kukizz and Javier